About us

  • English College is a well-established, reputable private language school based in Radom area in the center of Poland.
  • The school was founded in 1995 and now, with over 1000 students each academic year, is the leading language school in the area.
  • Since the early days we have specialized in teaching English to children, teenagers and adults, offering quality language courses.
  • The school premises are very modern and well equipped with computers, photocopiers, CD and DVD players,  interactive whiteboards, OHPs, wireless internet and a very rich EFL library available at both teachers' and students' disposal.
  • We currently  operate in 2 centers based in  Radom (a city of 250.000 residents) and 3 others located in smaller  towns nearby: Kozienice, Pionki and Zwoleń.
  • We also run ONLINE courses for individual students as well as local businesses and international companies



  • Our mission is to provide our clients  with world class practical English language courses using the highest standards of modern education.


  • We want our students to become fluent in English, obtain proficiency language certificates and develop their communication skills.


  • Relatedness  - At English College we believe that modern education is not just about transforming knowledge, and what also matters is its social character, atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. 
  • Competence - While teaching languages, we also teach other important skills our students will need in their lives. Therefore developing such skills as building relationships, digital competences, critical and creative thinking is extremely important in modern education and  often key factors to succeed in life.
  • Autonomy -  English College is a place where everyone can find space for themselves, develop their interests and talents. It is a place where traditional education turns into an inspiring and exciting journey in which the teachers accompany the students in their personal and professional development.



PASE Accreditation

PASE – (Polish Association for Standards in English) is an independent body that takes care of the quality of foreign language teaching in Poland and is a member of EQUALS.

In order to receive the accreditation the school has to go through a very thorough academic and administrative audit. What PASE inspectors examine is:
  • School curriculum
  • Teachers’ qualifications
  • The quality of teaching
  • Selection of teaching materials
  • Academic supervision
  • Professionalism of management
  • Comfort conditions of learning and teaching
  • Business ethics - accuracy of the information in advertising materials, manuals, contracts

Choosing a language school with PASE Accreditation, you get full professionalism guaranteed!  For more information about  PASE Accreditation please visit THE WEBSITE:



Our teaching philosophy

  • At English College, we believe that communication skills and fluency in languages are the foundation of success in almost every area of life. They give us great opportunities for personal and professional development, open the doors to the world and allow us to realize our goals and dreams. Therefore we put a lot of emphasis on practical aspects of our language courses.
  • For us quality language education starts with good relationship between the teacher and the students, and  develops effectively through interesting and engaging lessons, full of interactive and well-prepared activities carried out in positive atmosphere and mutual respect.
  • We also believe that a good teacher is a kind of facilitator who helps their students achieve their life goals. Someone who is a friend, a guide, a mentor, someone who the students will always look up to.




English College curriculum is divided into 12 levels from absolute beginner to full proficiency according to the COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK OF REFERENCE FOR LANGUAGES (CEFR) SCALE (see the details here)
  • A1.1 - A1.2 - beginner level
  • A2.1 - A2.2 - elementary level
  • B1.1 - B1.2 - intermediate level
  • B2.1 - B2.2 - upper intermediate level
  • C1.1 - C1.2 - advanced level
  • C2.1 - C2.2 - language proficiency level

Each of the 12 levels covers from 62 to 124 hours of classes.


Each level consists of 8-12 practical thematic modules, and is based on a coursebook dedicated to a particular age group.


The curriculum is also meant to prepare students for state language exams and internationally recognized language proficiency certificates:

  • PEARSON PTE GENERAL - levels A1 to C2



Dual Method

  • The school curriculum is based on so called 'Dual Method' of teaching.
  • As a rule our students come to school twice a week. On one day they have a lesson with a Polish teacher, and on the other day they have a lesson with a Native Speaker.
  • Polish teacher introduces new material, especially grammar and vocabulary.
  • Native Speaker's job is to put it into practice and concentrate on practical language and oral communication.
  • Both, Native Speakers and Polish teachers cooperate very closely during the course sharing lots of responsibilities such as lesson planning lessons testing, checking and evaluating students' written assignments.



The Staff

At English College we greatly care for quality services, therefore we employ only well qualified and experienced teachers, who are professional, creative, energetic and caring for the student they teach.
  • Polish Teachers of English are graduates of Teacher Training Colleges and have a university degree in English Language or Linguistics.
  • Native English Teachers must have a university degree and hold CELTA, TESOL or TEFL certificate (minimum 120-hour course).
  • The whole process is supervised by our  DOS TEAM made of most experienced EFL teachers and teacher trainers,  who take care of curriculum development and provide our teachers with its realization.
  • The school management  are also EFL teachers with over 25 years of teaching experience both in Poland and abroad.



The Courses

  •  At English College we specialize in annual courses for children, teenagers and adults
  • The courses begin at the end of September and last till beginning of June
  • The students usually have 2 lessons  a week. In most cases one lesson per week is with Polish teacher and another lesson with a Native English Speaker or International Teacher
  • The lesson duration can be 35, 45, 60 ,75 or 90minutes depending on the students age, level of proficiency and type of course
  • We also offer ONLINE teaching during the school year and  summer language courses between June and September





  • The courses are realized by Polish Teachers of English in groups  of 4-8 students
  • Each lesson (35 or 45 minutes) is very interactive and great fun for the students.  
  • We focus on teaching simple vocabulary and phrases through games, songs, chants, drilling , drama and lots of other short and varied activities.
  • The lessons contain a lot of interactive games and activities, and also focus more and more on practical communication in everyday situations
  • The courses for beginners aged 7-8 are carried out  mostly by Polish Teachers.
  • Children with basic knowledge of English have classes with both Polish and Native English Teachers
  • In classes with Polish Teacher, children learn new vocabulary and grammar structures. They learn to read and understand and also write simple texts.
  • In classes with Native Speaker children use the language they have learnt in practice. They develop their vocabulary and speaking skills through  interactive tasks, games and activities.
  • The goal we set for children is to achieve the level of PEARSON PTE Young Learners Certificates
    • FIRSTWORDS (in grade 3/4 of primary school)
    • SPRINGBOARD (in grade 4/5 of primary school)
    • QUICKMARCH (in grade 5/6 of primary school)
    • BREAKTHROUH (in grade 6/7 of primary school
  • COURSES FOR CHILDREN AGED 7-8 - 2x60min. per week in groups of 7-9 (Polish Teacher & Native Speaker)
  • COURSES FOR CHILDREN AGED 9-12  - 90+60min. per week in groups of 7-9 (Polish Teacher & Native Speaker)




  • The lessons focus on practical communication and are carried out  by Polish Teacher and Native Speaker
  • Polish Teacher focuses on introducing new language - grammar and vocabulary  in context.
  • Native Speaker  focuses on practicing and extending the language through interactive tasks, games, and activities.
  • The goal we set for teenagers is to achieve the level of fluency in English confirmed by internationally recognized  English Language Certificates:
  • PREMIUM Courses - 2x60min. per week in groups of 4-6 (Polish Teacher & Native Speaker)
  • STANDARD Courses - 2x90min. per week in groups of 7-9 (Polish Teacher & Native Speaker)




  • The lessons focus on practical communication in work and travel environment
  • On beginner and elementary levels the courses are  carried out  by Polish Teachers
  • On higher levels  some of the lessons are run by  Native English Teachers too
  • Polish Teacher focuses on introducing new language - grammar and vocabulary  in context.
  • Native Speaker  focuses on practicing and extending the language through interactive tasks, games, and activities
  • The goal we set for adult learners is to achieve the level of fluency in English confirmed by internationally recognized Person PTE or Cambridge English Certificates
    • Pearson PTE - level A1 – level A1 CEFR
    • Pearson PTE - level 1   – level A2 CEFR
    • Pearson PTE - level 2   – level B1 CEFR
    • Pearson PTE - level 3 or CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH FIRST  - level B2 CEFR
    • Pearson PTE - level 4 or CAMBRIDGE ENGLISHADVANCED  - level C1 CEFR
  • PREMIUM Courses - 2x60min. per week in groups of 4-6 (Polish Teacher & Native Speaker)
  • STANDARD Courses - 2x90min. per week in groups of 7-9 (Polish Teacher & Native Speaker)




ENGLISH COLLEGE ONLINE classes take place on specially dedicated platforms such as and
  • The lessons are fully interactive and communicative and focus on teaching natural and practical language.
  • We teach ONLINE various types of courses (GENERAL, BUSINESS, EXAM PREP)
  • We teach ONLINE either ONE 2 ONE or in small groups (GOLD 2-3; PREMIUM 4-6; STANDARD 7-9)



  • Do You share our values and teaching philosophy?
  • Would you be able to teach all ages - children, teenagers, and adults?
  • Are you ready to teach both in class and ONLINE?
  • If so, please apply for a teachig position with our school HERE

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