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About us

English College is a well established,  reputable (PASE accredited) private language school based in Radom area in central Poland. The school was founded in 1995 and now, with over 1000 students each academic year, is the leading language school in the area. Since the early days we have specialized in teaching English to children, teenagers and adults, offering quality language courses. The school premisses are very modern and well equipped with  computers, photocopiers, CD and DVD players, whiteboards and interactive whiteboards, OHPs, wireless internet and a very rich EFL library available at both teachers' and students' disposal.


Our Location:

Our centres are based in the city of Radom and 5 little towns in its vicinity: Kozienice, Iłża, Pionki, Zwoleń and Jedlnia Letnisko, situated on the outskirts of "Kozienice National Park", very quiet area far from city noise and pollution. Most of our teachers including Native Speakers live in Radom, a city with a population of 250 000. Traveling is easy due to very good and fast connections (usually in the company car) and takes approximately 30-45 min. 

Radom is a traditional Polish city situated in the centre of the country. (see more on There are many attractions to visit throughout town, international restaurants, fitness parks with gyms and swimming pools, shopping galleries with  internationally recognized stores. If you ever feel like a change, there are some really nice places around here. Towns such as Kazimierz and Sandomierzattract visitors from all over the world. Major cities and tourist attractions like Warsaw and Cracow are only 2-3 hours by bus or train. 

 During the extensive breaks (2 weeks around Christmas, 2 weeks of winter break, and 5-6 das week around Easter) you can go to the sea side or visit the beautiful Polish mountains full of holiday resorts,which offer spectacular views and a wide variety of activities for tourists. Other Central European cities such as Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Lvov, Vilnus, Tallin, Ryga are also within reach by train or coach, and can be easily visited during the  extesive breaks. Thanks to cheap ecommy flights you can visit  London , Paris, Madrid or Rome  and virtually any European city at only 100USD  for return airfare



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with world class practical English language courses using the highest standards of modern education.

Our Vision:

We want our students to speak fluent English , be successful at language exams, and obtain internationally recognized certificate of fluency in English. We want to create safe learning and working environment for all our students, their parents and our staff alike, so all English College people may develop personally and professionally.

Our Values:

Along with teaching languages we also teach good values and practical life skills . We believe that honesty, open communication, respect towards others, cooperation &teamwork  should be an important element of good language education and serve as foundations of every organization and all kinds of relationships.



The Courses

At English College we teach mostly general English to children, teenagers and adults, using Communicative Approach. The groups of maximum 10 students are selected according to their age and level of proficiency.

Apart from 'General English' we also offer 'Business English Courses', and 'Exam Preparation Courses'. These include PEARSON PTE levels 1-5, TOEIC, TOEFL and Polish State School Exams such as e.g. MATURA - High School Leaving Exam on intermediate and advanced level or Junior High School Exam on elementary and intermediate level.

We enrol students in September, who stay in our school until mid-June. During that time they come to school twice a week for 30, 45, 60 or 90-minute-long lessons (depending on their age). The classes usually take place in the afternoons and evenings from 2.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The exception is 'In-company' courses, often held in the mornings.




Dual Method

The school curriculum is based on so called 'Dual Method' of teaching. As a rule our students come to school twice a week. On one day they have a lesson with a Polish teacher, and on the other day they have a lesson with a Native Speaker.  Polish teacher  introduces  new material, especially the grammar and and vocabulary, and Native Speaker's job is to put it into practice and concentrate on practical language and oral  communication. Both, Native Speakers and Polish teachers cooperate very closely during the course sharing lots of responsibilities such as lesson planing lessons testing, checking and evaluating students' written assignments.



Extra Activities

In order to create the unique character of the school we have introduced so called extra-activity classes run by our Native Speakers. These include discussion club, singing and drama classes and others, according to our teachers' personal abilities. There are also special events like Halloween and Christmas parties, shows, quizzes etc. These are meant to introduce culture and traditions of English-speaking countries, and make the learning process as efficient as possible.






The Staff

Since English College greatly cares for its quality services we employ only well qualified and experienced teachers, who are professional, creative, energetic and caring for every student they teach. Polish Teachers are graduates of Teacher Training Colleges and have a university degree in English Language or Linguistics.
Native Speakers must have a degree and CELTA/TESOL/TEFL certiificate. The whole process is supervised by our 2 Directors of Studies and DOS assistants, all experienced EFL teachers, who provide our teachers with maximum support in successful curriculum development and performance.




PASE Accreditation

PASE – (Polish Association for Standards in English)
is an independent body that takes care of the quality of foreign language teaching in Poland and is a member of EQUALS.
In order to receive the accreditation the school has to go through a very thoruugh academic and administrative audit. What they PASE inspectors examine is:

Choosing a language school with PASE Accreditation, you get full professionalism garanteed.



For more information about the school, its offer and employment opportunities please email us at:



English College Team


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